Jim Shockey Tells Hunters How to Vote

Jim Shockey is probably the most well known and respected hunter in the world. When he speaks lots of people listen, but he is only one man. He can only do so much. He rightfully laid the responciblity at the feet of outdoorsmen and women.

He has recently received a bunch of emails asking him about the proposed cat hunting ban in British Columbia. He responded in a Facebook post telling hunter how they could invoke change when it comes to anti-hunting bills.

Over the last few days, I’ve received dozens of emails and many comments on social media, asking for me to help in the fight against the people who are trying to stop “big cat” hunting in BC, Cougar, Bobcat and Lynx. First off, I’m flattered that anyone thinks I can win this fight or even make a difference. Truly, if I thought I could win this fight on my own, I’d wade in with full on UFC intensity and focus. BUT this fight can’t be won by me…it has to be fought and won by you.
Secondly, forget these fund-raising, anti-hunting, haters and ideologues, not worth the effort to mobilize and fight their tiny little skirmish. There is a bigger battle looming…there is a provincial election coming up.
And before that provincial election is nigh, you have to decide what is important for you…is it important for you to vote for a political party, like you did in the last election, because they support you and your brothers and sisters in the Union? Or because they say they’ll give you a raise in pay and more holidays per month? Will you vote for the same party again, because you have always voted for them? Because your father and his father voted for them in the past? Because they promise to “tax the rich and give to the poor?” Will you vote for the same party you did last time, because they say they stand for you, the “little guy?” Because they say they will fulfill your every wish, your every dream???? Is it important to you to vote again for the party that is in power right now, the same party that banned the grizzly bear hunt in BC, because you don’t have a problem with them taking away your freedom to hunt…saying it is “socially unacceptable?”
You have to decide.
When this next election rolls around, you have to decide what is more important…protecting the outdoors way of life you love or “sticking” it to your boss? “Sticking” it to those big bad management guys.
You have to ask yourself, is voting for a party that promises to raise taxes for the rich, as important as voting for a party that ensures that you can hunt and fish and enjoy the outdoors as our parents and their parents did? Ask yourself, is it important for you to be able to take your son or your daughter on their first deer hunt, like your father took you? And actually have a chance of seeing a deer because the gov’t in power understands that all wildlife, including the predators, need to be managed. Is it important for you to be able to eat wild game, harvest wildlife that is managed by a biologically sustainable and scientifically defensible conservation plan?
You have to ask yourself before the next election, is it important that the deer, elk, moose and caribou and your freedom to hunt and fish, are protected by a responsible, common sense protocol that the political party (THAT YOU CAN ELECT) endorses and supports??? Only you can decide if it is important for you to have a government in power in this magnificent province that promises to protect your way of life.
It is your choice. Your fight. Your chance to do the right thing.
I shouldn’t actually even have to ask if you find it important to vote for the party of “Green Grass” and …more “Green Grass”…because I doubt anyone reading this voted for that “Party-for-2” who double-handedly, orchestrated the banning of your freedom to hunt grizzly bear in British Columbia. Over population or not, they didn’t care. It wasn’t and won’t in the future, be about facts and science, it’s about ideologies for these people. But I’ll ask anyway, is it important for you to vote for people who hate you? Detest what you stand for? Judge you in arrogance, because you, God forbid…hunt? Eat meat? Work with your hands? Drive a truck?
Like I said, I shouldn’t even have to ask if that’s the way you intend to vote in the coming election.
No. I can’t win this fight for you. Only you can.
Tell your friends, with like minds, to vote and make sure they vote on Election Day!
And when you and your friends vote…vote for the important reasons.
Vote for your way of life.
And for goodness sake…and for the sake of the wildlife you love, VOTE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be a long one. Over the last few days, I’ve received dozens of emails and many comments on social media,…

Posted by Jim Shockey on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I know Jim was addressing Canadian voters, but his message rings true for Americans as well. Pay attention to who you vote for. You should consider any candidates stances on hunting, fishing and conservation before giving them your vote.