Judge Hands Down Sentence for Killing Dogs [UPDATE]

Last year an Ohio man named Jon Barr, shot two dogs while deer hunting on private land. A police investigation was underway and the story went viral. Chad Crane let his dogs outside where they got out of his fence and ran around the area. Jon Barr claimed the dogs chased him up a tree, and he shot the dogs in self defense. This seemed unlikely based on how he handled himself in the aftermath on the situation. He was convicted of two felony’s and sentenced on July 3rd. He will spend 90 days in jail, 3 years of probation, restitution for the dogs, and pay an undisclosed amount of money for various court costs.

This is one of two national stories involving hunters shooting dogs. This may have been how things were handled 50 years ago, but not today. It can be very frustrating to have a dog ruin a hunt for you, however; this does not give you the right to shoot someones pet. Hunters all over the country are being very vocal about condemning people who shoot pets. We need to stand together and make it known that hunters love animals and we are willing to go through the proper channels when dogs cross our property. Shooting pets makes hunters look extremely bad! here is an update from Chad Crane on his personal Facebook page.


Sentencing was handed down yesterday. 90 days in jail, 3 years probation, Restitution for my hounds, ordered to pay all court costs, jail costs, and probation costs.

Thursday June 7, twelve local jurors found John Barr guilty of 2 felonies, cruelty to companion animals, thanks to the Goddard law.
John Barr tried to claim self defense. He claimed my dogs attacked him, and chased him up a tree stand, where they continued to bark at him, until he shot both dogs in the head twice.
Sentencing hearing is set for July 3, @ 2:45
I have many people to thank for ensuring my hounds, Ghost, and Frack did not die in vain.
The Perry County Sheriff Dept, for doing the investigation and recommending the felony charges.
The Perry County Prosecutor and his entire staff, and the victim support part of his office.
These people truly cared about what happened, and wanted justice.
My good friends and hunting partners who supported me every step of the way. Travis Goode, Neil Eddington, Dan Black, and every houndsman I know.
My neighbors that have been to court every day that we went, and staying there with me from 9am until 7 pm for the entire jury trial, Jody Harter Stevens, and John Hribal.

Most of all I need to thank my Wife, Misti Hupp Crane for helping me the most.
For being with me on the long nights that followed that day, to helping me go back down to our dog kennels without Ghost and Frack being there. For crying with me. For helping me get through it and facing it all right beside me.

It is never anyone’s right to shoot hunting dogs at anytime!