Judge Orders Poacher to Repeatedly Watch Bambi

Our nation gives judges some interesting leeway when they hand down rulings. They do not always have to stick to the usual fines and jail times. For instance, a judge sentenced a person who violated a noise ordinance to listen to nursery rhymes, TV theme songs, and Barry Manilow at full blast. Another judge gave a woman choice of jail time or walk 30 miles, the same distance of the cab fair she skipped. But what this next judge did really beat all. He sentenced a poacher to watch the movie, Bambi.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, a judge sentenced David Berry Jr. of Brookline, Missouri to 120 days in jail for a firearms violation and 1 year in jail of illegal taking of wildlife. In addition to that sentence, the defendant “is to view the Walt Disney movie, Bambi, with the first viewing being on or before December 23, 2018, and at least one such viewing each month thereafter, during Defendants incarceration in the Lawrence County Jail.”

The ruling stems from a multi-year investigation into the poaching of hundreds of deer. Berry and a few relatives were ringleaders in a poaching scheme that resulted in 14 people being charged with over 230 violations that were spread across  11 Missouri counties.

The poachers would shoot deer take the head and leave the rest to rot.

“In situations like this, with serial poachers who have no regard for the animals, rules of fair chase, or aren’t bothered by the fact that they’re stealing from others, it’s all about greed and ego,” said Randy Doman, MDC Protection Division Chief.

“Taking just the heads is their version of obtaining a ‘trophy’ and leaving the carcass behind is merely an afterthought.  While there are some cases where poachers go after the antlers for profit, with this bunch it was more about the thrill of the kill itself.”

While I think the sentence is kind of funny, I really do not see what it will accomplish. I doubt watching an anthropomorphic movie will instill sympathy and keep him from poaching deer.

The only thing I can think of is that the ruling will put a spotlight on his violations and the path of destruction that he left in his wake.