Judge Rules In Case Sandy Hook VS Remington

A Connecticut judge has thrown out a case against Remington Outdoors over the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. The judge ruled that the federal law protecting gun manufacturers against being held liable for crimes committed with their products.

There is an exception in the federal law for gun manufacturers to be held responsible for “negligent entrustment,” or knowingly transferring a weapon to someone who will use it to commit a crime. Judge Barbara Bellis ruled that the plaintiffs failed to reach this standard.

“To extend the theory of negligent entrustment to the class of nonmilitary, nonpolice citizens – the general public – would imply that the general public lacks the ordinary prudence necessary to handle an object that Congress regards as appropriate for sale to the general public,” Bellis wrote. “This the court is unwilling to do.”

The attorneys representing the families has said they will appeal the ruling.