Conservation Officers Rescue “Jughead” Deer

Officers from the Maryland Department of Natural Recourses were able to rescue a deer that had its head stuck inside a plastic pretzel container. The deer was first spotted on 19 January by residents of the Glenwood Park community in Bel Air, Maryland.The deer spent almost a full week like that before the officers were able to tranquilize and free it.

“I can confirm that our Wildlife Response Team successfully freed the deer from the container, monitored him for more than an hour until he recovered from the tranquilizer, and released him into the wild with two new ear tags,” Gregg Bortz, public information officer for the Department of Natural Resources.

The MDDNR released a video showing the rescue. I am glad they were able to help the animal and the story could have a happy ending.

For more detail check out the Baltamore Sun’s Article HERE

This is the video the MDNR release on their Facebook page