Kangaroo Attacks Female BodyBuilder, She’s Lucky To Be Alive

A recent report from Australia’s Channel 9 News shows the damage left after a kangaroo attack on a former female bodybuilder.

Debbie Urquhart, 54, was jogging towards the Candlebark track on Saturday when she was attacked by a male kangaroo. Ms Urquhart said the animal pinned her to the ground and repeatedly kicked her around like a “rag doll”.


“This kangaroo just came out of nowhere and knocked me down and got stuck into me. It was rather frightening.” She estimated the kangaroo to be nearly six feet tall

“He ripped me to pieces,” Urquhart said. “He pinned me to the ground, and was jumping at me, scratching me…my clothes were just shredded.”

“The noises it was making were terrible and it just kept going for me. He was so aggressive. “

After taking a severe beating Urquhart decide to play dead and luckily that worked and the kangaroo left her alone. Her husband rushed her to the hospital where she received 35 stitches.

It’s usually only when a kangaroo is cornered or feels endangered they’ll resort to that,” James Johnson, Operations Supervisor from Wildlife Victoria, said this type attack is unusual and only takes place when the animal feels cornered.

Urquhart estimates the kangaroo to be around six-foot tall. “He probably could have killed me, I thank my lucky stars that I am alive.”