Shooting Kangaroos in Western Australia [VIDEO]

This hunter had lots of complaint comments on this video.

Now before I see anybody getting mad that kangaroos are illegal to hunt. This is the first paragraph from the Government of Western Australia’s Kangaroo management plan: The Management Plan for the Commercial Harvest of Kangaroos in Western Australia 2014–2018 provides for the commercial harvest of red and western grey kangaroos in accordance with the principles of ecologically sustainable development. It has been declared as an Approved wildlife trade management plan by the Commonwealth Minister for Environment and applies from 1 April 2014 until 31 December 2018.

Full management plan here

Ok, so now if this hunter had all the permits, than no one can complain that shooting these kangaroos was illegal.

This hunter does some precision shooting on these kangaroos and it is just simply amazing. I would love to join him an a kangaroo hunt.