New Product Will Keep Your Pets Safe From Coyotes

Coyotes have become a big problem lately.

Some dog owners have little dogs that can easily be eaten. It seems everyday a dog or cat is being eaten by a hungry coyote. If you have a small dog that could be killed easily there are two options.

Your First option is getting a real dog that is useful for more than crapping under the bed while an intruder comes in your house.

Your second option is to make your dog look god awful stupid with with the new CoyoteVest.

This will cost you around $20. If you have a really small purse dog like Paris Hilton and your dog can be carried away by a hawk there is also a hawk shield for an extra $40!

Be sure to tell your friends with ankle biter dogs that they can rest easy knowing there dog will be safe while being the stupidest looking thing walking in the park.

Make your dog look stupid and order yours today at