Lab Grown Meat Hitting Supermarket Shelves Soon

Lab Grown Meat? Not on This Hunters Plate

When I read the article in the Washington post, I was completely revolted. Lab grown meat? I say, “No Thank You!” I am a hunter. I know where my meat comes from. I work hard to provide the best meat nature can give. A venison backstrap cannot be replaced with a chemical concoction of unknown origins.

But believe me there are people out there trying to make it become a reality. In the last year two teams of scientist have unveiled lab grown meat, the first was a hamburger and the other a meat ball. Both Companies that funded the research claim that it will start hitting the shelves in the next few years.

The driving force behind the research is trying to find a source for meat that is better for the environment. The article lays out all of this information on how lab grown meat is better that commercial farming and that it can reduce energy and water consumption. They also claim that the meat will be healthier because it will not contain all of the hormones and antibiotic that is prevalent in farm animals.

My wild meat already addresses both of those issues. It is free range, hormone free. Studies have shown that wild meat is lower in fat and cholesterol. It is the healthiest protein out there. I am a hunter. I know where my meat comes from. I feel a special connection to the land and nature with every bite. It is a sensation that cannot be bought in a supermarket or grown in a lab. I wish I could describe what eating self sourced meat is like, but I cannot it must be experienced for one self.

If you want to read the Washington Post article CLICK HERE