Law Suit Nails PETA for Stealing Family Pet and Euthanizing It

I do not care what anyone says PETA does not care about animals. They would rather animals die then be taken care of by loving families. They believe that pet ownership is a form of involuntary
bondage. A perfect example of this happened back in 2014 when they stole a little girl’s Chihuahua from her front porch and had it euthanized the same day.

According to The Telegraph, two people affiliated with the PETA travelled to the mobile home park because they said they had been asked for help picking up wild dogs and feral cats. They removed an unattended Chihuahua called Maya, which was a Christmas present to nine-year- old Cynthia Zarate.

They took her back to their facility where the dog was promptly euthanized.

The Zarate’s sued PETA initially asking for $7million in damages, but PETA settled a lawsuit from family to a tune of $49,000. They also agreed to donate $2,000 to the local SPCA. PETA was already fined $500 dollars by the State of Virginia for violating the state’s 5 day grace period they are supposed to wait before euthanizing an animal.

The family’s attorney, William H Shewmake, said: “The Zarates felt that the settlement reflects the grievous loss of their beloved Maya. And it allows the Zarates to bring some closure to a very painful chapter of their lives. They’re glad the case has been settled.”

Both parties said in a joint statement: “PETA again apologizes and expresses its regrets to the Zarate family for the loss of their dog Maya. Mr Zarate acknowledges that this was an unfortunate mistake by PETA and the individuals involved, with no ill will toward the Zarate family.”

I really wish the suit would have gone to court. The family’s lawyer was planning on asking PETA about all of the other times the organization has gotten in trouble for their killing of healthy pets.

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