Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Permit to Purchase Ammo

Many citizens are exercising their second amendment right by buying guns and ammo to protect themselves from the possible economic fall out caused by quarantines relating to the coronavirus. A Pennsylvania Republican has introduced a bill that would severely restrict a citizen from buying ammunition.

According to the Washington Examiner, GOP State Rep. Thomas Murt introduced HB 2344 and filed it with the memo “Addressing Gun Violence and Enhancing Public Health and Safety.”

The contents of the bill lays out draconian measures that would restrict PA citizens from buying the ammunition they need to protect themselves but also what they would need for hunting and shooting sports.

The bill would require a person who desires to purchase ammunition to obtain a $50 permit from the state. The bill would also add a tax to any firearm and ammunition purchase.

PA citizens would also be bared fro purchasing ammunition from out of state unless they coordinate the sale with a licensed in-state dealer.

And to top it all off, the bill would also effectively end internet ammunition sale and delivery, according to

These provisions without a doubt put an undue burden on legal gun owners, sportsmen, and everyone who desires to use their second amendment right.

In a way, this is a backdoor gun registration push. It would require all gun owners if they wanted to legally use their firearms to register as a gun owner.