Lawmaker Proposes Change to Hunting Law to Benefit Jimmy Carter

This spring former president Jimmy Carter fell and broke his hip while getting ready to go turkey hunting. The injury prevented him from taking part in the rest of the turkey season and filling his tags. Now a Georgia legislature is introducing a bill to help President Carter out.

According to WSB TV Atlanta, State Senator P.K. Martin wants to propose a temporary change a hunting law, which would allow the former president a “do-over” of last season.

The proposed law would allow a hunter who did not reach the turkey “bag limit” for 2019, to roll over any unfilled tags to the 2020 turkey hunting season. The rule applies only to former presidents of the United States, from the state of Georgia, who are at least 80 years of age. Only one person on earth fits that description, Jimmy Carter.

“I thought this was a good opportunity to let him know we are thinking about him. The legislature is praying for him.  And to make sure he has a full and swift recovery,” Martin said. 

Not all hunters agree with the legislation.

“Oh, you know, I have a bad back. If they’d do it for me, I’d support it. Do I get the same permission as he does? That’d be great,” said hunter Tim O’Donnell.

“It’s a law. If you’re only allowed to get three, you get three. If I can’t go because I have to work or something like that, I should be able to do the same,” said hunter Shannon Walls.

I definitely see their point. I am not going to fill a few deer tags this year because of a deployment to the middle east. Can I roll over my tags to next year? Probably not.

While I do respect the former president and love to see someone with that high of a profile enjoying hunting. I think he should play by the same rules as everyone else.