Lee Lakosky Pleads Guilty To Hunting Citation.

Lee Lakosky, a popular hunting personality and show host of The Crush TV, has pled guilty to a hunting citation on February 8th. The state of Iowa shared the court records online, and many people have gone to have a look themselves.

Here are the provided records on the Iowa Court Records website:

As you can see Lee pled guilty and was sentenced to pay a $100 fine for the citation.

The Iowa DNR shared this statement on Facebook,

“It was a standard ticket and court costs, and we generally don’t issue news releases for those. In the case of larger issues like poaching, habitual violators, or criminal charges that have been handed down by a court, we will generally issue a news release.”

To shed light on the situation, Lee had this to say on The Crush Facebook page:

The Crush is one the most popular hunting tv shows out there. It was just an honest mistake and hopefully too many people don’t hold this against him.