Legislation Banning Trapping Passes For the First Time In Our Country’s History

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill Wednesday making it illegal to trap animals or sell their fur. This bill makes California the first state to completely ban trapping.

The Wildlife Protection Act of 2019 put an end to trapping in the state of California. “Historically, fur trapping played a significant role in the extirpation of wolves and wolverines and the severe declines in sea otters, fishers, marten, beaver, and other fur-bearing species in California,” the bill states. “Because individual trappers concentrate their operations in limited geographical areas, they can locally deplete populations of the species they target, impairing the ecological functioning of the area and diminishing opportunities for wildlife watching in these areas.”

State lawmakers are also considering legislation that would ban the sale of all fur products.

The North American model of conservation is based on science. We study the populations of animals and use that information to set limits on how many animals can be taken. Hunters pay for this entire system with money collected from license and tag sales as well as a tax on hunting and shooting equipment. Trapping is a tool used by wildlife agencies to manage animal populations. We must stand up to an overreaching government that tries to tell these agencies how to manage our wildlife. We have over 100 years of using the North American model of conservation successfully Restoring wild populations of animals across the entire country.