Legislation Equates Killing a Coyote to Killing a Human

A completely ridiculous bill was introduced to the Nevada state senate that would treat participants in a coyote hunting contest the same as someone convicted of manslaughter. Yes, you read that right taking part in a coyote hunting contest would be legally treated the same as killing a human.

According to the Sportsmen’s Alliance, on March 25, the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources introduced Senate Bill 487, which would ban competitions where coyotes are killed for prizes or entertainment.

The new law would be a Class D Felony that carries a mandatory prison term of 1-4 years and a possible fine of up to $5,000. Other crimes that carry a Class D felony punishment in Nevada include involuntary manslaughter and arson.

Not only would participants be charged, but the mere promotion of a contest would be considered criminal. In essence, a simple Facebook post could violate the law. Also, the writing of the bill is vague enough that even a friendly wager could be construed as a violation. This bill is crazy beyond all measure.

“According to the authors of SB 487, killing someone or burning down a house should carry the same penalty as posting on social media about a coyote competition,” said Bruce Tague, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This is utterly ridiculous and unwarranted. Worse yet, this bill makes each coyote killed a separate violation of the new law, meaning a judge could sentence a violator to many years in prison for killing a species that the state of Nevada is already struggling to control!”

“It’s well known that animal-rights groups view the life of an animal as equal to that of a human being. But it’s an outrage that Nevada legislators would go down the same path when they know that coyotes are public safety threat that are only increasing” said Tague. “Instead, legislators are contemplating a bill that would make commonplace hunting practices for an overpopulated species, which threaten pets, livestock and people, a felony and would imprison sportsmen,  strip away their Second Amendment and voting rights, and put wildlife management on the same plane as human murder – which, of course, is how animal-rights activists view it. We call on the Nevada Senate to use commonsense, to protect their constituents and to reject SB 487.”

Yes, coyotes have a place on the landscape. These contests will have absolutely zero negative affects on coyote populations. States are already struggling with their management and this just removes another tool.

Take Action Today! Nevada residence should contact their state senator and ask them to vote NO on SB 487. Members can contact their state senator by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.