Legislation Introduced to Open a Hunting Season for Bigfoot

A State Congressman has introduced legislation directing his state fish and game department to establish a bigfoot hunting season. The season will be complete with tags, season dates, fees, and we would presume a bag limit.

Oklahoma House Bill 1648 was filed by State Representative Justin Humphrey. Humphrey represents a large part of southeastern and south-central Oklahoma that is famous for alleged sightings of the creature.

The meat of the one page bill reads:

The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission shall promulgate
rules establishing a bigfoot hunting season. The Commission shall
set annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting
licenses and fees.

HB 1648

If the bill is passed the legislation would go into effect on 1 November 2021.

The town of Honobia, which is in Humphrey’s district, hosts a large bigfoot festival every year. However, it was canceled this year due to Covid-19. It makes one wonder if this is a publicity stunt.

As of right now we are not sure what a bigfoot season would look like. Based on populations we assume it would be a lottery hunt with limited tags. We are also not sure if it would be firearms only or if there would be an archery season.

In case this does get passed what does a bigfoot mount cost? I would be wanting something like this. I think it would look great in the living room.