Legislation would Prevent People Behind on Child Support from Getting a Hunting Licences

A proposed bill introduced in Utah would prevent anyone behind on child support from obtaining a hunting or fishing permit.

According to CNN, House Bill 197 was introduced Monday at the request of the state’s Office of Recovery Services as an enforcement tool to tackle the $404,160,838 in past-due child support in the state. The proposed legislation would prohibit anyone who owes $2,500 or more in child support from obtaining a license, permits or tag from the state’s Division of Wildlife Resources.

An individual can buy a permit only after they are no longer in arrears on payments and the Office of Recovery Services notes the payment, the proposed legislation says.

The bill’s sponsor Rep. Karianne Lisbonee says that 38% of Utah families do not receive their current child support.

“Non-custodial support payments to children help fund their health care, shelter, food, and education,” Lisbonee said. “Loss of this support has a profoundly negative impact on children.”

The only problem I see with the legislation is that so many wildlife departments are strapped for cash and they receive most of their funding through license sales. I would like to see something added to this bill that would make up for the lost wildlife funding.