Leopard Charges Hunters in this Insane Hunting Video

As hunters our biggest goal is that we make a quick and clean kill on the game that we pursue.

Unfortunately, mistakes do happen, which leads to the dreaded task of tracking and locating a wounded animal. Most of the animals that we hunt are not necessarily dangerous when they are wounded. Take deer for an example. Not much risk when following the blood trail.

A leopard on the other hand is a very dangerous animal. Even more so when one is wounded. Once the big cat realizes he can’t outrun the hunter, the leopard will turn on the defense and try to get the upper hand by striking back. All cats are natural born hunters, and can turn the tides of the encounter in just fractions of a second.

This video demonstrates very poor marksmanship. Make sure your prepared before you go hunting. Always strive to make a good clean shot. We respect the animals and never want to see one get wounded. Good shots will also keep you safe to hunt tomorrow. You never know what might happen, like this hunter found out.