Lightning Strikes Fishing Pole

Thank God no one was hurt, but the fishing pole has certainly seen better days.

Billy Alstrom posted a series of photos on his Facebook page documenting the scary experience. They were catching bait in Jupiter Florida when his rod got struck by a bolt of lightning.

One of the passengers, Emily Paige was sitting right next to the rod and Billy credits “His Grunden’s slicker jacket she was wearing there would have been a different outcome.”

“I cannot describe how lucky I feel that no one was hurt. I think my boat is going to be out of commission for a while though. I definitely have a new found respect for Mother Nature. Being stuck in the middle of a lightning storm with no power to anything after being struck was the most helpless feeling in the world! Lesson learned.”

As you can see from the photos the rod is now completely unusable. It looks like the lighting scorched and separated the fiberglass. Mother Nature is dangerous and amazing at the same time.

You can see his facebook post here: