Limited edition “ANGRYJOE-14” available for preorder

Joe Biden has become known for his gaffs over the years. His latest gaffe was about gun control. He started yelling and swearing at some auto workers in Michigan when asked about gun control. Biden then makes up a gun that does not exist saying, “You don’t need an AR-14”

Palmeto State Armory jumped on the miss-step by Biden and came out with a limited edition “ANGRYJOE-14”. The ANGRYJOE-14 is a stripped lower receiver being sold for $49.99.


Fire Selector – Left Side: “WUD HE SAY?” (Safe), “DOGFACED PONYSOLDIER” (Fire), “FULLA SH!T” (Full-Auto)

Fire Selector – Right Side: “MEMORY LOSS” (Safe), “DEMENTIA” (Fire), “LIBERAL” (Full-Auto)

California Buyers – stripped lowers are sent to California as “Long Guns” only. 

This is an AR-15 platform stripped lower receiver and will accommodate all AR-15 platform builds.

PSA "ANGRYJOE-14" AR-14 Stripped Lower Receiver *Preorder Item (8-10 Weeks Delivery)

Palmetto State Armory’s limited-edition “ANGRYJOE-14” AR-15 lower will only be available once.  Only 2,000 of these are going to be made, so all serial numbers will be #1 through #2000.  The “ANGRYJOE-14” lower comes from the most advanced aerospace manufacturing technology and is one of the industry’s finest forged, MIL-SPEC lowers. This PSA lower is made using our automated manufacturing process. Our multi-million dollar engineering and manufacturing facilities allow us to produce a product of unequaled quality and value. 

These forged lowers are quality made, MIL-SPEC designed and use 7075-T6 Aluminum. The Palmetto State Armory  “ANGRYJOE-14” AR-15  Lower will accommodate all AR-15 platform builds and is marked “ANGRYJOE AR-14 MULTI”. The finish is MIL-A-8625, Type III, Class 2 black.