Have You Ever Crossed The Line?

A Line Too Far

It looked like roast beef, yummy delicious roast beef. At least that is how I should think of it. But I knew it was not roast beef. I tried to psych myself up, “Just pick it up and down the gullet, two seconds and it would be over.” It stared at me, almost asking “Are you going to try me? Come on, you know you want too.” I balked.

But I am the guy who tries everything. I have eaten so many different kinds of wild  meat, why was this one different. Just to name a few, I have eaten raccoon, groundhog, bear, and even took abite of a raw deer heart. Ok that last one was on a dare, but it still counts. But this I couldn’t do. Why not?
Why could I not cross that line? Oh, I wanted to cross it. I wanted to be able to say “Yeah, I ate that.” The shock value alone would be worth it. I already get great reactions when I tell my non-hunting friends about eating squirrel or opossum. I knew this would easily top both of those. But I could not do it. I just stared at it. I could not do it.

The more I think about the more I feel like a hypocrite. In the past I have given people a hard time about not trying some wonderful game meat. Here try this deer, rabbit, squirrel, or whatever interesting tidbit I have cooked. I would say things like “it’s organic,” “it’s free range,”  or “how can you say GROSS until you tried it?” Now I’m not the one not trying it. I’m the one not following through.

This is a strange feeling for me. I now understand why some people will not try certain foods. Some people just have a line. I never thought I would find my line, but I did and there it was staring at me. If I had a little coaxing I might been able to breech the threshold, but just me alone in the kitchen it was not happening.
I will still try and get people to expand their horizons, but I will understand where they are coming from when they refuse a piece of venison heart, some freshly gigged frog legs or a taste of deep fried snapping turtle nuggets. I will also keep trying to expand mine. There are so many wonderful things to eat that I know you are wondering, what on God’s green earth would you not eat? Well I will tell you where this groundhog-loving, opossum-eating, redneck foodie drew the line. It was cheek meat from a coyote. coyote

I was cleaning the skull from the coyote my cousin killed this past deer season. I had just finished simmering it when I saw the delicious looking piece of meat. I literally stared at in for a few minutes contemplating if I should try it. In the end, instead of trying it I just washed the skull and sent the meat down the garbage disposal. It was a line too far.