Litter Bug Kills A Big Buck

Littering is something I hate.

I hate to see a landscape covered in trash. I always try practice leaving the forest better than I found it. But not everyone is that way some people just do not care for the natural world.

Not only is it an eyesore and can pollute an environment it can even kill wildlife. Case in point is this beautiful whitetail buck that got his tongue stuck in a bottle that someone carelessly threw out.

The deer was found on Bob McCutcheon’s South Carolina hunting property on January 6th . It hadn’t been dead very long, maybe a day,” said Bob. “We checked for bullet holes. None. It didn’t look like it had starved. We thought maybe it had been hit by a car.”

They eventually found the problem. the buck had got its tongue stuck in the mouth of a glass bottle The bottle had broken off, but the ring of the bottle’s mouth remained. It had apparently cut off blood flow to the tongue, because the end of the tongue appeared to be dead and already rotting.

“I had a picture of that buck on camera but had never lain eyes on it before,” said Bob. “He was the biggest buck I’ve ever seen on this property. He was a big deer for this area. I don’t know where it got that bottle. We keep a tidy place here. There’s no beer bottles lying around.”

It is a shame the buck suffered and died that way. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder to always leave the woods better than you found it and do not be a litter bug.

You can read more about the story HERE

Photo’s source: QDMA