Locked-Up Dead Head May Be New State Record (10 Pictures)

This is definitely not the way you want to find any buck, locked up and dead. But that is what happened to a pair of bucks in Wisconson. The two were discovered during a rabbit hunt and the bigger of the two may be the new state record.

According to the Wisconson Buck and Bear Club, the current state record for a non-typical whitetail sits at 253 and was killed by Elmer Gotz back in 1970.

The Elmer Gotz Buck

The picked-up buck is being reported by Wisconson Woods and Whitetail to be 253+ and was found during a rabbit hunt. The other buck is no slough either rough scored to be around 170.

I am sure at some point in time we will get an official measurement but until then enjoy the pictures.

All I can say is “WOW!” That is the find of a lifetime Congratulations on the find.

As of right now, we do not know the name of the rabbit hunter that picked up the bucks. We will update the article as this story develops.