Lost 3 Year-Old Boy Says He Hung Out with a Bear for 2 Days

Casey Hathaway recovers after three days in the woods were he was befriended by a bear

We all have heard stories of children being raised by wolves. There is the founders of Rome Romulas and Remous and of course Mowgli from the jungle book, but I have never heard of kids being befriended by a black bear.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Casey Hathaway had been missing for three days after he wandered from his grandmother’s yard while playing with other children.

After he was found he had quite the story to tell. According to his aunt’s Facebook post. The boy claims he hung out with a bear for two days.


That must have been quite the experience hanging out with a bear. I am glad they found the boy and also that he has made a complete recovery. Big shout out to all the people who helped find the boy.