Lyme Disease Vaccine May Soon be Available to Outdoors Enthusiasts

There are a lot of dangerous creatures lurking in the great outdoors. Bears, mountain lions, and wolves may be the first ones to come to peoples minds but they are not even close to the scariest. In my opinion, one of the scariest is the tick.

The reason that they are so frightening is that they are vectors for a myriad of nasty diseases. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Hartland Disease, and of course, the most famous, Lyme disease are all spread by ticks.

Ticks are so small and can go unnoticed for days. They get in some of the weirdest places and hide. They just sit on your skin, suck your blood and infect your body.

Bull’s Eye rash the Tell-Tale sign of Lyme Disease

But there is hope a new vaccine is on the horizon. According to Healthline, in 2017, the Food and Drug Administration approved a Fast Track designation for a new Lyme disease vaccine.

The vaccine was developed by a French company called Valneva. The company’s vaccine for Lyme disease, VLA15, completed initial trials in2018 and is currently in phase II of clinical testing, Thomas Lingelbach, the company’s CEO, said.

The good news is that the vaccine is looking promising and will enter the next phase of testing mid-2020.

“It’s important to remember that the development of vaccines is measured in years, so it will be some time before this vaccine, if successful, makes it to the general public,” said Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “It appears promising and is the leading candidate vaccine.”

Cases of Lyme Disease in the US

This is great news for all outdoor enthusiast. Approxamently 329,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease every year and a good vaccine may help a lot of people be more active outdoors.

When it becomes available for the general population would you get it?

NOTE: This is not the first Lyme disease vaccine that was available. There was one released in the ’90s but concerns about side effects caused it to be pulled from the market. You can read about it here.