This video is not for the faint of heart, it highlights to what extent a pet owner will go to protect their companion including taking on one of North America’s apex predators. Mountain lions are extremely dangerous and confronting one is ill-advised but when one has your dog in a death grip this man thought he had no choice.

The video was shot by a man in a truck who observed the entire incident. He was filming the mountain lion at a campsite when the animal attacked the dog. The dog’s owner grabbed a machete and began hacking at the lion’s head until the lion stopped moving.

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The guy filming the entire incident has received quite a bit of criticism for not assisting the man trying to save his dog as well as being called out by the guy he filmed in the video.

Some of the information we were able to come across was that unfortunately, the dog did not survive the attack.

We also found this statement from a source that claims to know the dog owner.

“This is a friend of mine and it happened near km 13 on Bear Creek Main near Vernon BC.

The guys in the truck were driving by and had just warned him about the cougar and when he looked to see it immediately attacked and he ran to grab his machete. The 3 legged lab was his girlfriend’s dog named Chopper, who unfortunately had to be put down due to massive injuries two days later.

Conservation officers the next day confirmed that the cougar was half-starved and likely going to die because its mouth and paws had several porcupine quills festering.

There are quite often families in the area so this could have been much worse. FYI That’s his campsite machete he is hitting the cat with and he literally chopped its head off trying to save his beloved dog. RIP Chopper”