Deer Bacon And How To Make It

I may have just found the holy grail of wild game cooking. IT takes two of my favorite foods and combines them into one. Deer Bacon, Yes you heard me right bacon made out of deer meat. I know I did not think it was possible, but low and behold someone has done it.

Just imagine sitting down a nice breakfast of eggs, toast, juice, and bacon that you harvested and cured yourself. The recipe looks fairly simple and the only crazy piece of equipment you would need is a smoker.

There seems to be a decient amount of bacon seasoning mixes. Here is a link to the one mentioned in the video.

While I will admit it may not be a true bacon since it is made using grind and pork fa instead of the belly meat. It still looks pretty darn good, and I am deffenitly looking forward to giving this a try.