Make Hunting Part of Your Homeschool Plan

Due to the corona pandemic, schools all across the country closed their doors and started virtual learning. Now schools are beginning to slowly but many parents choosing to keep their kids at home and start homeschooling.

Parents have many reasons for doing so including the burdensome regulations placed on students, the apprehension of sending kids to class while the virus is still active, or even the logistics of having multiple kids doing virtual learning. Whatever the reason is it has awaked an interest in taking hands-on responsibility for the children’s education.

As these parents begin their journey into homeschooling one thing they will figure out quickly is how much flexibility is available. Home school parents get to choose the curriculum, set the schedule, and even find unique opportunities for kids to learn that is not available at public institutions.

I was homeschooled up into seventh grade. I did all of the usual subjects like math, science, social studies, and English, but one class I got to take that no one else did was hunting. It was not a formal book learning class, but one of hands-on experience.

My grandpa used to say, “Never let school get in the way of your education.” I would later find out he was quoting Mark Twain, but I still attribute the quote to him. So every year he took me hunting, I would spend at least a week and some times more with him a deer camp.

I was able to do my regular schoolwork while there, but the bulk of my education during that time came from my time spent in the woods. I learned ecology, zoology, and even anatomy while out in the woods.

Some of my best memories come from the time I spent at deer camp. The only thing I wish I would have done differently was to write it down. I would love to go back and relive those days but unfortunately, many of the hunts are lost in my memory.

Those lost memories are part of the reason I designed a hunting journal for kids. I wanted to give them something they can look back on later and remember the good times; also, I wanted a way to give parents a way to incorporate hunting into their education plan.

Take Me Hunting: A Young Hunter’s Adventure Journal is an adventure journal that encourages kids to learn while exploring their passion for hunting. This book facilitates critical thinking and creativity by giving kids fun, and exciting writing prompts along with hunting specific tasks that will help them be more engaged in the hunt and record memories that they will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Take Me Hunting Includes:

  • A Biography Page that encourages them to define who they are as a hunter.
  • An  Achievements Page where they can check off  fun tasks completed during the hunt
  • 30 Hunt Logs to record memories from each hunting trip
  • 15 Harvest Pages where they can highlight and tell the hunting story of a successful harvest.

The journal is designed for all ages. I created it so that even if the child can not write, they have the option to draw what happened on their hunt.

If you are homeschooling this year make hunting a part of it. Do not miss this opportunity to pass down memories that will last a lifetime.

I also have other books available on Amazon that you can incorporate into your homeschool curriculum.

Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter

A book that looks at the deeper meanings of why we hunt and why it is still relevant to the modern world.

The Deer Stand Devotional: A Walk with the Creator through Hunting Season

An eight week daily devotional that encourages you to learn about God and his creation from the lens of deer hunting.