10 Creative Things To Make With Sheds

I recently took my daughter out shed hunting and she found her first at 5 years old!

She cleaned it up and put it on her shelf. People have found some very creative things to do with all of their sheds.

Here are the best I could find

If a bar considers itself country this is a must!

How much would you pay for this knife?

This is the coolest lamp ever!

Make a call out of an antler is very creative

This is a great conversation starter at your house.


I am leaving my house now to find sheds so I can make this!

Classy and country at the same time

Where did he find all of these? Looks like an antler cult!

The best she’d room I have ever seen goes to this guy!

This is my goal for shed hunting! It will take many years but it will happen!

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