Man Accedently Shoots Himself in the Wiener

Man Shoots Himself in the Wiener
Man shoots himself in the wiener, but not that kind of wiener

An Indiana man found out the hard way that a waistband is not an acceptable substitute for a holster. That’s because he almost shot his dick off.

According to WLTX 19 News, a 46 year-old Indiana man was not wearing a holster, according to a Marion, Ind., police press release. The man felt the Hi-Point 9mm begin to slip in his waistband. As he reached down to adjust it, it went off.

The bullet entered just above the Johnson and came out the coin purse. I can not imagine the amount of pain he was in. To make matters worse the man did not possess a handgun license in Indiana and may face charges.

If I was the Prosecutor I would not press charges. Almost shooing your twig and berries off should be punishment enough. Not only did you have to through all the pain, but you are going to be forever ridiculed by your buddies for the rest of your life.

Moral of the story: don’t be the guy who shoots himself in the weiner, get a holster.