Man Arrested for Poaching 230+ Inch Buck

A Kentucky man was arrested after the illegal killing of a trophy whitetail as well as drug charges.

According to Fox News 19, Robert Koch, 58, of Union, Kentucky killed a massive whitetail buck on 1 November 2020. On 7 November wild game officers came to his door to investigate claims that the buck was illegally killed.

Koch told game wardens that he killed the deer in Fort Mitchel on private property he had permission to hunt. However, the property owner told game wardens that he did not give Koch permission to hunt the property.

It turns out that saying he had permission to hunt the property was not the only shady thing Koch did to conceal the poached deer. He checked the deer in using Kentucky’s Telecheck system saying he killed the deer in Owens County to “to avoid speculation he had killed it in the Fort Mitchell area.”

According to Kentucky Outdoors TV, Koch stashed the buck in Franklin County to be mounted at a later time. When he lead game wardens to the carcass the meat was already ruined.

Authorities seized the remains of the buck, his crossbow, and his phone. The officers also discovered marijuana and other drug paraphernalia in Koch’s possession and confiscated it as well.

The illegally killed buck was unofficially scored 230 6/8 and would be in the top 25 of deer killed in Kentucky.

Koch is charged with hunting on private property without permission, illegally killing the deer, and improperly reporting the harvest, as well as drug charges.