Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting a Beaver

Yes, you read that right. I wish I was making this up, but unfortunately it is true. This past weekend, police arrested a man in Kennewick, Washington for basically raping a injured beaver.

According to the KAPP-KVEW TV news, 35-year old Richard Delp faces charges of animal cruelty and possession of a methamphetamine after his arrest for an incident at a city park.

A woman witnessed someone run a beaver over with a car. She tried to help the injured animal by wrapping it in a towel before going home to get a container to put it in. When she returned to the site about 30 minutes later. She found a man on top of the beaver with his pants unzipped.

The report did not go into detail with what the man was actually doing, but I am sure we can all guess. I am also guessing we can assume the ,methamphetamine played a role.

So let that be a lesson to everyone do not do meth and rape beavers. It will get you arrested.

Unfortunately the beaver did not survive.