Man Arrested For Tree Stand Tampering

One of the most common hunting accidents is someone falling from a tree stand. The injuries are almost always serious and sometimes result in death.

It is recommended that you always inspect your equipment before each use, not only for regular wear and tear but it seems now you should check for sabotage.

It seems like every year we are hearing more and more stories about hunters stands being tampered with. Usually, the perpetrators are not caught because of the difficulties of making a positive identification of them, but this time it looks like the law finally caught up with one of them.

According to the Post Star, Mark G. Wood, 57, of Dannemora, New York was arrested for tampering with treestands on a property used by Handsome Pond Hunting Club.

One of the photos of Wood released by police

Wood stole memory cards out of trail cameras and caused unspecified damage to a tree stand. He was identified by police after they releasing trail camera pictures of him.

Wood is being charged with misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment, petit larceny, and criminal tampering. He has been released on bail and is awaiting prosecution.

Hopefully, he gets the book thrown at him. Sabotaging a tree stand can every easily cost a hunter their life.