Man Attempts to Pulls Badger Out of its Hole with His Hands! [VIDEO]

When I was a teenager my cousin shot a fox, and it got down its hole. Since I had the longest arms, I had to pull it out. Much peer pressure and general stupidity convinced me to go ahead and reach for it.

My first attempt consisted of 3 pairs of gloves on my left hand. Just in case. When I could not feel it, due to the gloves, my brother decided to call me a little b**** since we knew it was dead.  He then told me he would grab it himself if his arms were longer because he wasn’t a p****. I took off the gloves, reached down the hole, and felt the leg. As I started to pull the fox out it turned around and bit my finger!  I yelled at my brother

“You are an Idiot! That fox wasn’t dead!”

He responded with a stupid grin. ” Your the one that got bit.”