Man Caught With 2,500 Fish Over The Limit

According to the La Crosse Tribune, 74 year old Stanley Paalksnis faces fines totaling $24,683, loss of fishing privileges for 12 years and forfeiture his 15-foot boat after pleading no contest to the most egregious violations of fishing limits of all time.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wardens saw Paalksnis keep 47 bluegills, according to court records. The daily limit is 25.

They subsequently got a warrant to search his home where they found 2,066 bluegills, 418 perch and 88 crappies. The possession limits are 50 for each species.

Paalksnis has had numerous fishing violations in the past. He has received seven citations for exceeding possession limits between 1989 and 2011 and his fishing privileges have been revoked twice. He told the warden that the reason he has so many fish is that he sells them in Chicago for $5 a bag.

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