Man Eaten by Snake, The Gruesome Aftermath Caught on Video

This is probably one of the most gruesome videos we have ever seen. A man was killed and eaten by a python on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The snake was subsequently captured, killed, and cut open. Local villagers filmed the extraction.

According to the New York Times, villagers had heard shouting the day of the attack but assumed it was simply someone hunting pigs, because no one had cried for help. The next day, a search party was sent, and the python was found. Pythons are known to attack humans, and can kill them by suffocation, but this represents a rare case in which a python succeeded in swallowing its human victim.

Sulawesi, a heavily forested island in eastern Indonesia, is much less developed than Sumatra, but it has undergone a major expansion of palm oil plantations over the last decade, which could make python attacks like the one that occurred this week more likely, experts said.

Wahdi Azmi, the director of wildlife studies on the veterinary faculty of Syiah Kuala University in Aceh Province, called the recent attack “a rare case of a python eating a person — but also shows that we need to manage human wildlife interactions better by conserving the habitat.”