Man Faces Charges after Defending Dog from Aggressive Black Bear

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, and I know a lot of people who would do anything to defend their pets, including defending them from an aggressive bear.

According to The Connecticut Post, William O’Connor was charged with the illegal killing of a bear. After he shot the bear with a .22 rifle trying to protect his dog.

O’Connor let his dog out of the house to run and the dog happened upon a mother black bear and her cubs. The mother tried the cubs to protect them, and stood her ground nearby, making huffing noises toward the dog.

In order to protect his dog, O’Connor retrieved a .22 caliber rifle and shot in the direction of the bear to scare it.

“The shot struck the bear, which moved about 30 yards to a neighboring property’s driveway, collapsed, and eventually died,” DEEP spokesman Will Healey said.

According to the Republican American, It is illegal to kill a bear in the state of Connecticut, except to defend a person’s life or for a farmer to protect his livestock. There have been proposals to open a bear hunting season in the state but those efforts have been blocked by animal rights groups.

The DEEP also confirmed that the dog was unharmed and the two cubs appeared old enough to survive on their own, so they were not taken to a sanctuary but were allowed to remain in the wild.

 If convicted, O’Connor faces a $500 fine and/or 30 days in jail and is scheduled to appear in Torrington Superior Court on Oct. 19.