Man Feeds Mob of Crazy Raccoons {VIDEO}

I always tell people raccoons are my spirit animal, ever since a video of me rescuing one from an army tank went viral, but I have nothing on the Raccoon Whisperer.

James Blackwood, AKA the Raccoon Whisperer, is from a remote area of Nova Scotia. He and his wife started feeding a few orphaned raccoons back in 2003. Before his wife passed away after a battle with cancer, she begged him to keep feeding their furry friends.

James honored his wife’s dying wish and the feedings have continued, but they have grown a little crazier. Instead of the few raccoons that he and his wife started with have turned into what can only be described as a mob.

According to James, the raccoons love him. Well, at least they love the 20 pounds of hotdogs, two bags of grapes, and some cookies that he feeds them.

Here is James being mobbed by the raccoons in one of his most recent videos.

All game agencies in North America discourage the feeding of wild animals. They can become dependent and can become dangerous to humans if they associate them with food.

The authorities seem to be looking the other way since James lives in a super isolated area and he also provides the raccoon’s basic medical care by removing tics and treating them for diseases such as rabies.

Please do not try and replicate what he is doing at your home. I am sure your neighbors would not be appreciative of a mob of raccoons roving the neighborhood.