Man Fights Cougar in a Tim Horton’s Parking Lot

Crazy thing happened in the parking lot of a Tim Horton’s in Whitecourt, Alberta. Will Gibb was meeting a friend for coffee on Dec. 26, when he let his two dogs Sasha and Mongo out into the parking lot for a short run.

After a short while he heard one of his dogs yelping in pain. He ran over and saw something was on top of his husky, Sasha. He ran over and started punching at what looked like the head. It was not until after the first punch had landed that he realized he had just decked a mountain lion. That punch seemed to startle to cat and it released the dog and head back into the woods.

Gibb gave chase of a few seconds but then turned around to help his injured dog. The dog was understandably shaken up from the attack and latched on to her master’s left hand. That’s when the cougar came back for a second attack.

“She was fighting for her life, and I was trying to keep the cougar at bay with my right, and it was pawing at me and I was throwing punches at it.”

Sasha finally released Gibb’s hand and took off across the parking lot. So the cat turned its attention to the other dog Mongo.

“I could see the cougar going for him, so I got between him and the cougar and started swinging and screaming at it, and called for my brother and friend to come give a hand,” Gibb said. “And then I reached down for the closest, biggest stick that I could find and I ran back into the trees to go fight the cougar.”

The cougar finally disappeared into the woods and Gibb was able to get his dogs to safety. Sasha was taken to a local vet for treatment.


“She had bite wounds around her neck and claw tears on her belly, under her armpits,” said Jordan Bremmekamp, the veterinarian who treated the husky. “I had to sew up some of her wounds. They tore into her muscle. It’s a pretty painful situation she’s in, but she’s doing fine.” The cougar did not fare so well. It was eventually caught and killed. The Local police released this statement.

“I was surprised to hear that the owner took the quick action and it’s probably what saved the dog’s life in this case,” said Sgt. Jack Poitras, “I wouldn’t recommend everybody wrassle with a cougar, but in this case it worked for the best.”

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