Man Fights Off Coyote With Knife!

There has been a slew of violent incidence with predators over the last few weeks. This one may be the most gruesome and bad ass of them all. While looking for mushrooms in Jones County Georgia, a coyote started checking him out. After attempting to scare it away, he tried to walk around it. The coyote attacked him biting his leg. fortunately for him, he had a knife on him and stabbed it between the shoulder blades!

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Update: The coyote has tested positive for rabies. here is the full story from Jessica Anja


I’m going to post Nate’s full story here so people can be warned and cautious, because we never thought something like this would happen. BE PREPARED IN THE WOODS!

On Saturday Nate was going to meet a friend to go hiking and mushroom hunting at Hitchiti Experimental Forest in Jones County. As Nate was waiting on his friend, he went about 50 yards down the trail just to pass the time and look at the creek. As he turned around to head back to his truck, a coyote was blocking the trail. He immediately knew something was wrong because it was 10:30 in the morning, and he was also immediately cautious of there being more than one coyote around. So he looked around and this coyote just stood in the trail staring at him. He tried to stomp at it to scare it away, as normal coyotes are very skiddish and typically avoid humans. When it didn’t move, he started walking in a wide arc around it to get back to his truck. When he started walking, the coyote barked and growled and lunged, clamping onto his left boot. Thank god Nate wears leather boots literally everywhere.

The force of the bite caused Nate to lose his balance and he fell over. He kicked the coyote with his right foot off his left foot and it immediately lunged again biting his left shin/calf. Nate then pinned the coyote to his left leg with his right leg and got his Benchmade Knife Company out of his pocket and stabbed it between the shoulder blades. He was then able to stand up with the coyote pinned, and he cut its throat. It was a male coyote.

He immediately left the forest and called Jones County 911. They have the body and the CDC is currently testing it. However, he still had to get the rabies shot treatment and start the vaccine series. Unfortunately, his body had an adverse reaction to the vaccine and it started shutting his kidneys and liver down, and he got violently ill and we have been in the hospital since Monday. We are hoping to go home today.

*edited to add the coyote tested positive for rabies, so he has to finish the remaining two series of shots.*

Please be cautious when outside ANYWHERE. This could have happened to anyone, and if it had been me I would have 100{5c20afc010e65415aecac9ea1262ea64a0924a29c29fc9ad7cafd2eeb769a435} been mauled.