Man Fined for Trying to Fight Grizzly Bear in National Park

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? I doubt it was as dumb as this Canadian man who got drunk and tried to fight a grizzly bear.

According to Airdrie Today, back in 2015 Devin Mitsuing got out of his truck shirtless and began shouting at the young grizzly bear. He assumed a “boxing stance” then charged the bear, according to an eyewitness.

British Columbia photographer Thomas Murray O’Neill said they were taking pictures of the bear in Banff National Park in British Columbia. when the red truck with a Saskatchewan license plate¬†pulled up. Thats when things got wierd.

“We were on the other side of the highway when a truck pulled up and two gentlemen got out, started yelling at the bear and throwing rocks … then he took off his shirt and got in a boxing stance,” O’Neill explained.

He harassed the bear for about 10 minutes before charging at it. Lucky for him the bear took off instead of mauling him.

O’Neill reported the incident to park authorities. Park Warden Paul Friesen tracked down the vehicle to another place in the park. Where he discovered Mitsuing with his friends who were all too intoxicated to drive. The park impounded their vehicle and drove them to a hotel to sleep it off.

The next morning Friesen went to hotel and got a statement from Mitsuing. He maintains that he did not throw rocks at the bear, but just wanted a picture and was just “F**ing around.”

After two previous missed court dates, the case finally came to trial in the Canmore Provincial Courthouse on 13 September 2019 with Judge George Gaschler. Who found the Saskatchewan man guilty of disturbing wildlife and imposing a $4,000 fine.

“It is abundantly clear this is a disturbance of a grizzly bear and I find [Mr. Mitsuing] guilty,” Judge Gaschler said

Mitisuing has 30 days to pay the fine or face 30 days in jail.

All I can say is this idiot is lucky the bear did not kill him.