Man gets Jail Time for Killing Deer over 2.5 Ton Bait Pile

(Not actual photo of events)

Although baiting deer is legal in the area the man was hunting, there is a strict 2 gallon limit.

That limit did not stop Dexter James Sysak of Saginaw County, Michigan from renting a dump truck filling it with sugar beets and dumping them in front of his hunting blind, and just in case that was not enough he also got two dump trailers full of corn. All said and done the game warden estimates that there was over two and a half tons of bait in front of the man’s blind.

According to ABC 10, conservation officers were alerted to a complaint of over use of bait via an anonymous tip. Conservation Officer Joseph Myers, who investigated the case found access to the site using a county road easement.

“I saw a hunting blind on the right and I could see an orange object through the trees,” Myers said. “It was a grain trailer full of corn with the door broken off and about 100 gallons of corn on the ground.”

“There was a 150-yard cobblestone road of sugar beets making a J-shape around the blind,” Myers said. “It looked like an individual had drove onto the property and just dumped the sugar beets out of a truck.”

Myers didn’t know who owned the land or the property. He decided to return the next day, Nov. 29.

“There was a truck parked there. I walked up to the blind and there were four individuals in the blind,” Myers said.

Myers said he saw Sysak pick up a hunter orange vest as Myers approached the blind. After interviewing Sysak, Myers determined the bait, far in excessive of the 2-gallon limit, had been in the area for some time.

“Sysak also admitted to me that he had taken a 9-point buck over the illegal bait, making it an illegal deer,” Myers said. “I seized evidence and cited the suspect.”

Myers said Sysak showed him the gun he used and where he shot the deer from. He also told Myers which meat processor the deer had been taken to, a place just a couple miles down the road.

Myers contacted the processor and recovered the deer meat and antlers. Sysak pleaded not guilty.

A jury trial was held April 28 in District Court 65B in Ithaca in Gratiot County, where Sysak was found guilty by the panel of six jurors on all three charges (over limit of bait, failing to wear hunter orange and taking a deer by an illegal method).

Sysak was sentenced June 21 to serve 45 days in jail, fined roughly $15,000, including $6,500 reimbursement for the deer and ordered to serve 90 hours of community service to the DNR once his jail sentence is served. He was banned from all DNR activities during his 2-year probation term. All sport license privileges were revoked through 2022.

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