Man Gets Tick on Eyeball: The Pictures are Crazy

This is the worst tick season I can ever remember. I did some trout fishing in New Hampshire this past June and the first day I pulled five off me and brushed dozens off my pants. I took more precautions the next few days only had to pull one more off me. It is definitely bad.

It still amazes me where they can get. I have heard of ticks getting in hard to reach places and being really good at hiding. But I have never seen or heard of a tick attaching itself to someone’s eyeball, but these pictures don’t lie.

Nathan Frisby posted the following to his Facebook page:

Friends , relatives please take note of this ! One of our servicemen came back in from working on Paintsville Lake this morning and was complaining that he had something in his eye and it was really hurting. He had rubbed it and I being our safety supervisor ask him to let take a look. I could see the object on his eyeball and I ask him to let me flush it out with a saline solution , NO LUCK! It wouldn’t move, we then tried a wet swab , NO LUCK! We even tried our eye wash station , NO LUCK! So I sent him to the eye doctor and he later returned with these photos. This is a deer tick that was already embedded and fully attached to his eyeball. Luckily they were able to pull it loose and he is on antibiotic drops until his follow up next week. Keep in mind he had sprayed down with tick repellent this morning before going out to get the tree off the wire. This looked like a speck of wood and I would never had thought of it being a deer tick!

All I can say is that is crazy. I would not have believed it without pictures.