Man has Face Ripped off By Bear in Most Gruesome attack ever!

We report on bear attacks a couple of times per year, but this one is by far the worst I have seen. The images at the bottom of this article are graphic and very disturbing. It is hard to believe this guy is still alive, so scroll down at your own risk.

Wes Perkins was attacked by a grizzly bear In Alaska in 2012, leaving him almost dead. The story is the worst of all bear attacks I was able to find. After 26 surgeries and over $1 million in medical expenses, Wes lucky to be alive. According to the Anchorage Daily News, Wes is still badly disfigured. Doctors had to use his fibula to create a jaw to replace what the bear ripped off. His left eye only sees the light and dark and waters constantly. His tongue was bitten in half by the bear, and now Wes has a hard time talking.

Wes told Anchorage Daily News, “I had to dig stuff out of (my) airway to breathe,” he wrote. “If I was unconscious, I would have died. Also, (as) long as I lay still just right I was able to keep my airway open. I could not move my face sideways or my airway would close. I know if I lost consciousness, I would probably die. So I stayed alert all the way (to Nome), and I could squeeze the hands of my two partners when they asked me questions.”

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Here’s more from the Anchorage Daily News,

Even as the Stangs began life-saving first aid, they were radioing for help from Nome, a community far from anywhere at the tip of the Seward Peninsula jutting into the sea closer to Russia than Anchorage, the urban hub of the 49th state.

Perkins’ brother Nate made the radio call. He didn’t call Alaska State Troopers and wait for others to act. He pretty much single-handedly organized a rescue to lift his brother from the wilderness of the Kigluaik Mountains, about 30 miles east of this small community. “Ace chopper pilot Ben Rowe saved his life,” Nate said at the time, but Rowe was only one of the many who combined to save then 54 year old Wes. Rowe was in the air only minutes after taking a phone call from Nate. As he flew, others were rolling into action, too.

Wes, the Survivor
Wes is getting along as best as he can.

Four months after the attack, Wes is able to get around on his own, but is far from being back to life as he knew it. Everything he consumes comes from a blender now, but its better than being underground. Every day is a day of improvement, and medical staff members are still working on getting him back to his best state.

The detail and information found inside this story will blow your mind. Some of it is extremely gruesome and vivid. “Extraordinary” and “incredible” are the only two words fitting enough to describe the miracle that happened.

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