Man Hits Elk with Truck: Was it on Purpose?

A video was posted to Facebook by Cody Walker that shows  a “Bull Elk” running along side the road. The elk crosses the road weaves through traffic before being struck by the truck. In the audio that accompanies the video you can hear the driver laughing and cheering. It appears that he struck the animal on purpose and was excited that it happened.

Based on the caption of the video he says the driver tried to let off, but the video does not really back that up.

Thank god for ranch hand bumpers, coming into a curve hauling a trailer, with a semi behind us,he let off but it happened,.

Did he hit the elk on purpose? or was it unavoidable? It does seem like he was rejoicing when it was hit. If that is the case it is very disturbing that someone would be like that.

As a hunter I believe that an animal deserves respect. The killing of an animal should not be taken so lightly. Yes I do smile in my trophy photos but it is not for the kill it is for the accomplishment and the meat that will fill my freezer. If you want to read more about trophy photos and why hunters take them click here.