Man Hospitalized After Being Gored By Hand Fed Deer

Wild animals should remain wild. Once they lose their fear of humans they can become dangerous. This is true of carnivores like bears and also the seemingly gentle ones like deer, but a wild animal is still a wild animal.

A Colorado man found out what happens when a deer that is used to getting food from humans finds out that this particular human has no food.

According to The Crestone Eagle, A 56-year-old man was gored by a deer in Franktown, CO and received medical treatment at a hospital Wednesday evening, November 13. Wildlife officers suspect the aggressive deer was hand-raised by people.

The man and his wife told Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers they saw what was a “friendly deer” fitted with a fluorescent orange dog collar on the other side of their fence around 4:50pm. The wife reached over the fence and the deer approached touching her finger with its nose, then the buck came through a break in the fence line. It approached the woman and knocked her back, pinning her into the barb-wire fence.

The husband tried to intervene and the deer attacked, knocking him to the ground and dragging him around the yard. He sustained wounds to his lower body from the buck’s antlers.

The wife ran inside and called 911. She was able to shoot a pellet gun towards the buck, distracting the deer long enough so the man could get up and get behind a boat in the yard to separate himself from the buck.

The Crestone Eagle

CPW had had no reports of a collared deer in the area and suspect someone raised it from a fawn and turned it loose there once it got too big to handle.

“These are some of the dangers that come when you try to domesticate, or even just feed wildlife, which is a major issue we start to see this time of year,” said Wildlife Officer Casey Westbrook. “These animals learn to expect something from humans and when they don’t get it, they become dangerous and encounters like what we saw here can happen. Mix in the fact that deer are now in the breeding season, and this all contributed to something that could have been prevented.”

This deer was involved in two other incidents earlier in the week. One where it chased a 10-year-old boy and another where it attacked a man doing yard work.

The deer was dispatched by CPW after the man was hospitalized.