Man in Wheelchair Holds Up Jewelry Store – Holds Gun with his Feet {VIDEO}

This is one of the strangest robberies I have ever seen. Security footage was posted to Facebook showing a man in a wheel chair attempt to rob a jewelry store. What makes this robbery strange it that the robber used his feet to manipulate the firearm.

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Posted by Manuel D. DeLeon on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I did a little digging to figure out what exactly was going on. According to the Daily Mail, the video was shot in Brazil. The incident started when 19-year-old placed a threatening note on the counter using his feet.

The note from the suspect, who authorities say has cerebral palsy and cannot move his hands, read: ‘Hand over everything. Don’t raise attention.’

It turns out the gun was fake and the man was arrested without incident.

I wonder if they will charge him with “armed” robbery.