Man Kills Giant 10-Foot Polar That Tried to Break into his Home

Polar bears are the largest bears in the world and can become super aggressive when hungry. People who live in polar bear country must take extra steps to keep them at bay, but sometimes those precautions are not enough and deadly force is needed.

According to the CBC, a family living in Quaqtaq, Quebec woke up to the sound of barking dogs and a polar bear breaking into their house.

Jeannie Angnatuk woke up the sound of her dogs barking. When she looked out the window she came face to face with an enormous polar bear.

“I could see his face, it was so huge, and I tried to run but I couldn’t.”

She roused her husband, Kauki and went out to an upstairs balcony where Kauki shot down on the bear. Growing up he learned that polar bears will play dead. They wait until the hunter is close, and attack. When Kauki went outside to make sure the bear was dead, he found it was still breathing, and had to fire again. 

According to Kauki this bear was way bigger that the average polar bear. He thinks the bear was attracted to some pelts he had gotten a few week befor that were hanging inside the back porch.

Since the incident their kids have been frighted.

“Since the whole incident my four-year-old son won’t leave his dad’s side. He is very aware now, as we all should be,” she said. “Always check the window if you go out. Make sure your kids are not out alone.” 

None of the meat went to waste the bear was divided up with others in the village and Kauki plans on making a new pair of winter pants out of the fur.