Man Kills Giant Wild Hog In His Front Yard

According to the Alabama Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, feral hogs in Alabama pose a serious threat to native wildlife.

High reproductive rates, a lack of natural predators, voracious omnivorous feeding habits, destructive rooting behavior and habitat destruction are just a few reasons why Alabama sportsmen and land managers are encouraged to help control this non-native species.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that feral hogs cause more than $800 million of agricultural damage in the United States annually.

The Seagos live on 100 acres in the rural south Alabama town.  Wade Seago knew something wasn’t right when he heard his dog barking uncontrolably. AS he got up to investigate he heard his daughter scream, so Wade rushed to the front door.

Wade’s dog Cruiser had a huge wild hog about 5 yards off the front porch. Hogs are abundant in the area and Wade has seen them on his property before, but none the size of this one.

Wade was afraid the huge hog would injure or kill the family pet so he grabbed a .38 caliber revolver that he keeps for home defense and went out on the front porch.

“By the time I got in a position to shoot, the hog was about 12 yards away,” Wade said. “Cruiser was out of my line to the hog so I fired.”

It took three shots to take him down. The next day, Wade took the wild hog to Brooks Peanut Company and weighed it on the drive-thru scales. The hog tipped the scales at 820 pounds and had six inch tushes.

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