Man Lucky to be Alive After Polar Bear Attack

Bears are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Polar Bears are the largest bears in North America and this makes them especially dangerous. When you do anything in bear country you need to remain vigilant. You never know when one may decide you are going to be his next meal.

The following pictures show aftermath of a polar bear attack on a campsite in the Canadian territory of Nunavut that took place on 2 September 2003.

Shaw was guiding a group of American hunters 45 minutes outside of Kimmirut when he was mauled by the bear.

“We didn’t know there was a polar bear in the area,” he said. “He just suddenly appeared in our camp.”

Shaw said the bear first approached the tent the Americans were camping in and tore through it.  It then headed for the tent Shaw was staying in.

“He started ripping through and we managed to get out through the door,” Shaw said.

The hunting guide started to run and was chased by the bear, which was about seven feet tall. Shaw then tripped on a rock and the bear pounced on him.

Fortunately for Shaw, one of the American hunters had his rifle handy and was able to shoot the bear and save his life.

He was then evacuated to a hospital and has spent the last decade recovering physically and psychologically from the incident. He required 300 stitches to his head and suffered numerous bites and slashes to his back and feet.

Shaw has since made a complete recovery and  now travels to communities all over Nunavut sharing his story and providing advice to people on what to do to survive a bear attack.

Shaw is lucky to be alive. Thank God his clients were able to put the bear down or it could have been a whole lot worse.